Figure 2: Regional Geology Map

In addition to the San Francisco Mine, Timmins Gold owns the mineral rights to approximately 53,394 hectares distributed over 32 claims in Northern Sonora. Figure 1 shows the location of these claims. The claims on which Timmins Gold has performed the most exploration work are El Durazno, La Pima, Norma and El Picacho. In addition the Company has drilled the La Mexicana target located approximately 6.5km north of the Mine within the main claim block.

These include concessions of the San Francisco mine and all those located along of the San Francisco-Pima structural mineral trend. More than two of the concessions contain important mineral targets west of the mine and to the NE. All concessions are located within the Mojave-Sonora Mega-Shear, a mineral belt with multiple occurences of gold and gold mines presently in operations extending over 300 kilometers from the SW of California USA in a SE direction into the state of Sonora.


Figure 1:
Map Showing San Francisco Regional Claims